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could get hold of we had commenced burning
the bulk head and when we ware 10 miles
of the port of St. Carlo and going at the
rate of 16 miles an hour we run upon a Rock
which Brought us up it broke our wheel
and we could hardly get in and we found when
we got in that there was never but one vessel passed
over that rock which was sunk then we put
to sea again having sailed one day we ware
obliged to put in to port again called
Baldavia [Valdivia] where a few days before a spanish [Spanish]
vessel was wrecked and the crew and passengers
ware all murdered by the natives we lay 9 days
within a short distance of the shore But the
storm raged with such fury no boat could
go ashore after leaving there we had 5 days
pleseant [pleasant] passage to Valpraiso Valparaiso the 2nd day while
was repairing the wheel I came out on deck and
what was my surprise when the first man I
saw was Morgan, L.. Bingham, he had got
no further he had put into Rio de Janeiro in a sinking
condition after leaving there he was mate on board
the vessel and while off the mouth of the
straits they encountered a gale and lost Both their
anchors and were putting to sea with out
anchors when an English steamship picked
them up and put an anchor on board of them
they were 55 days in the straits and Buried
one of there number there apart of there passangers [passengers]
were on shore and allmost [almost] starved to death after
getting through the straits they encountered a gale
was wecked [wrecked] Jack on the coast off Jackawana
where he and the others had been 2 months a trying
to get of at last he and two of the passingers [passengers]
got a passage in the Barge Ralph Cross

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