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I think he Will recieve the 30 ounces of Gold Dust I sent to him
sometime ago Which is worth over $500 there so it will assest [assist]
him in Carrying our my contract in the Butter Buisness & if there
is any thing needed in carrying Buisness snug and straight
let me Know all about it for whenever one or two of the lots
of Butter arrives here it will give me plenty of money so I
can spare it out of our Buisness But Never mind Keep good courage
you and amos [Amos] for I think all will be well if we all do
as well as we can I am sorry that Nicholas had not done all
as I drected [directed] him But it may turn out for the Best time will
tell more about it tell Evi a [A] Martin I was verry [very] glad to hear
from him with his own hand tell write him when he writes his letters
more lenghy [lenghty] as to Fredrick Bronson holding them mortgages
of Henry Prises and Johnathan Hills if I Ever did Know any
thing about it I have forgotten it But tell Evi I have written
to my father and gave him an order to go and get them and
tell Bronson to take the seal off of them or Cross the names off
of them and see they are taken off of Reccord which Mr
Bronson will do for he has no Intrest [interest] in them or I will wrte [write]
an order & Put it in this letter for Mr Bronson to give them to Evi
A Marten
or Nicholas Ryerson & Will Write another order and put
it in a letter to my father Both a like so if one of thes [these] letters should
git [get] lost you might git [get] the other tell Evi to Keep good
Courage & Catharine two [too] that I think I will vesit [visit] them as I
used to do about one year from this winter and then we can
can set and tell long storys about calafornia [California] as I have seen
it not about going there as we did the last two winters I
am quite Busy the most of my time and hardly can make
time to write But you can make up your mind that I
Will Write Evry [every] mail which is Evry [every] two weeks and I want
You to do the same and not neglect it for it is a satisfation [satisfaction]

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