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when I go up home as I call it to sacremento Sacramento where we are a doing
Buisness [business] You and amos [Amos] Must look out for No 1 for my prospects
here now are good & if the Butter arrives good all of it and I Keep
good health & Peter Also for one Year I think we can make
anough [enough] to pay us for our troubble [trouble] But it is not verry [very] pleasent [pleasant]
Being so far from home we have not got our feather Beds to
lay on here But as for our Eating we have first Rate good anough [enough]
first Rate fresh Beef & mutton & pork & Antelope & Deer & once in a
while Grisley [Grizzly] Bear & so on good Bread and Evry [every] thing you can think of
Except good Butter with a good flavor is scarse [scarce] as wimen [women]
here the men has to do the Cooking & Washing here mostly when we
hire our washing done it comes verry [very] high four Shillings for
Washing and Ironing one shirt But never mind I am In hopes
that you and Jane Forse If she is there yet will will write
to me Evry [every] two weeks that will do as well as Washing my
shirts so that I can hear how you and All the nighbors [neighbors] and
friends are getting along now when writing I feel as though I would --
like to be home to see you all fase [face] to face But that is not so
But hoping we may be spared till that a great many that
are now here are coming home this Winter and comeing [coming] back next
spring But whenever I start for home I never Expect to see
it again or will stay here till I am satisfied With calaforna California and
then come home and stay the rest of my Days I Expected when
I Received Nicholases [Nicholas'] letters to have All the Bills of Expences of
all the Butter & salt & Wood & Insurance &c [etc.] so I would Know the Exact
amount it will cost when it irrives [arrives] and tell him to write
particular how many tierces he sends or has sent at one time
and dates for fear some of the letters may be misslaid laid
and will be likely to Receive some of them he writ [write] to
Augst 26th that he thought he would not send more than one
lot more without hearing from me But I am In hopes he
has In time and has sent it all on according to contract

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