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to Recieve yours often and it appears as though we was not so
far apart tell Amos to Keep his Eys [eyes] on the grun for I think if
I live to git [get] home it well [will] Benefit all I saw David Cinn a few
Days a go But I think me and Peter has made more money in
two months than he has since he has been here from what
he told me he says he wont [won't] come home till he gets quite
a pile which he may stay some time yet before he gets it
But I hope he may git [get] it soon tell Nicholas if he has not done
it Allreaddy [already] to git [get] the Buildings all Inshured [insured] of which I have
written often Before But All the letters I have Received has not
told me that you have Received one of mine so when you write
note in your letters what you receive of mine and tell Nicholas
to Do the same Direct All your letters to Sacremento Citty Sacramento City
Calaforna California I am In hopes Isaac R ven Gelder got along smothhely [smoothly]
this season & am In hopes Amos Will have him next sumer [summer] but
You will have to Judge for yourselves let amos [Amos] go to school
this Winter you must hire some boddy [somebody] to help to Keep the
Cattle Right this winter or next summer you will find
that I aint home tell Nicholas that I think his money
or Mr. Rhodes money is all lost for his whiskey I have
been to see the man that had it and did not git [get] one cent
which I noticed in a former letter as for the country I gives
a descreption [description] of the country as near as I can now some men
makes money her [here] by diging [digging] & some do not & some By other
Buisness & some do not I Expect Peter has wrtten [written] today two [to] amos
Munsen Amos Munsen & Betsy & Aelees so you must show all of them this letter
I dont [don't] think they is any secret in it so tell them all that I
cannot write to Each one But if they write to me I will
write to them if I can and if not to them to you so they can hear from
me one and all if Nicholas has not sent all of the Bills of laden he must
as soon as you Receive this & the Bills of all in small figures so it
take much room in a letter Dont [Don't] forget to Kiss all the children
for me & tell them so look or send as often as Evry [every] two weeks
to the post office for letters No More But Remain Your affectionate
Husband till death Oct 15th 1850

John N Ryerson

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