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Birdsaw has sold out to a Mr Moe formerly
with Hain's on K Street. Bulluver
Ann Fizz. is not driving quite as fast as us
mine. Miles &c have stifens out. McNuez
is as formerly not selling much but when he
does sell, he gets a whopper of a profit. Mr.
R. McCall has been rushings things a little.
B. B. Barney &c are doing a big buisness [business]
they ocupy [occupy] the brick building next to the Nordacks
(Oh by the way, The Nordacks is open arguin' but
I guess your balance is a gone keen there.)
Massens is the same old fufu! Stern is in
the old mansion house on the corner, has opened
a regular Gices store, Goods of all Kinds.
Burke & Warren are about so! so!, not harming
anyone. Hamilton Wheaton &c are
first best neighbours. They have done a good
buisness [business] since they have been here. Rine is as
easy and good natured as ever and doing buisness [business] alone
Gummons having left him. Maddax & Bice
are going a better buisness [business] than ever, doing
very well. The Auction Houses are going as
when you left. Cavest & Hill, Mr. Hill &c
my (?) for it are not selling as many goods
as when Cavest was at the Helm Sprange has his
fast Horse and Fancy woman. The result I
Know you can predict. All the rest to [too] numerous
to mention are about as when you left!

[written on margin:]
The Lynching of Jenkins at San Frans San Francisco you will get in the paper of course

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