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Our Old uncl [uncle] John Decker was buried on the four [fourth]
Of july [July] young jim babcock the cooper was beried [buried] on sunday [Sunday]
Mr Rhodes sone [soon] [rusling?] is very sick the doctor
Thinks he cant [can't] get well Nicklas faniley [family] is all well
Your father and mother is wel [well] and all the rest of
Of the folks I sae [say] senes to get along with the work
very well our cows has plenty of paster [pasture] and give a nice
Mess of milk I have filed [filled] 7 barls [barrels] with buter [butter] and
Rhisp on the way and I hope It will pay cost it is a good
Call of trobel [trouble] to get it all pact [packed] up and cost a greate [great]
I fell [feel] sone [some] times that It will take all we has got
But I hope you will be spared to return if you deu [do]
Not I deu [do] not know what we will deu [do] for Amos
Is young and very head strong and dose [does] just as he
Pleas [pleases] It will be a hapy [happy] day when you return
Amos has Bought a coult [colt] of his ucle [uncle] evi and is to
Pay fourty [forty] dolars [dollars] for it I think he did not nead [need] it
You must rite [write] as often as you can we all feel ankious [anxious]
To hear fron [from] you & you must excuse my bad spelling
And riting [writing] Mary lays her head on my lap and criese [cries]
Give me a peace [piece] of bread no more at present but

Remain your affectionate wife Hannah Ryerson

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