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Bloomfield Feb Mar 2

Dear Brother

As I have not received any letter from
you yet I thought that I could write to you once
more to inform you that I am well and I hope
you have the same blessing. The Boys are going to
have an exhibition at the end of the session
we are going to learn peaces [pieces] for to speak Father
told me when he was down here for to go to California
that you was coming down here on the 22 of March
if you come you must not neglect to come and
see me by no means I am going home the last of
March if you would wait till that time I would
go up home with you and stay a few weeks tell
Cathern that she must come here with you for
I would be very glad to see you wriding [riding] up in
front of the door you must write to me as soon
as you can when Father was down I went home
with him I am very glad he did not go to California
that is getting to be an old thing as the old sayings
is it is not all Gold that shines I have written to
you last now it is your turn for to write the Boys
are all the while talking about home when the
session is out I am a coming to pay you a long visit
I am yet at the old Bloomfield academy [Academy] don't forget
your Brother at the Bloomfield Academy it is now
Monday morning and the Boys just come up from

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