Status: Complete

The following is a list of all
we want

Sweet potatoes


Codfish gvad or more

Preserved Peaches same as last

Tallow candle same as last

Lemon Syrup

Pepper Sauce


Whiskey in bbls [barrels]

New Hou [hoe] with handles

New short handl [handle] shovels

Smoking Tobacco in blue papers

Good New Oleam or St Croix
brown Sugar in barrels

Stone Pipe Bowls

Allspice in grain

Ale in cases, withe [with] Tenments or Byass

Port in cases

Champagne Cider quarts, fevr

Honey in tins

Safety Huse get this sure

My remitence yesterday was 1328. and
to day I send you 1300 The big bag is 1000 &
the smallone 300. Trade is fair with us but
I am rather affraid of the barley trade

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