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Broth [Brother] J. N. R Sac City Sacramento City Feb 18 1851

Yesterday my remitance was
$1337 and to day I send you what I have
which is only 46 03 or $736. Yesterdays goods
all came Correctly Except – 2 1/4 Box Raisins
which I will look after to the boat. The shortage
in the 62 bbls [barrels] of oats I think was Enormous &
the boys must have missed horably [horribly] to have
taken them at such weights. barley moves
rather slouly [slowly] at 9 & 9 1/2 but we try & get
10 at retail but take 9 if we can do no better
of the 75 sacks sent up on Sunday Charles has
sold some and has sent 10 sacks to Mareys
Ville [Marysville] and the ballence [balance] the bigest [biggest] part of it. I
have on hand yet in the ranch. I think all
the barley we have in hand is about 200 sack
and we have quite a lot of the nuts on hand we
have sacked the 5 hhds [hogshead] and have about 50 of the old
lot, and I must say I think the man that sold you
the nuts was rather close in his trade as they will not
hold out 51 lb Each I have weighed a great many of
them and all I can make them weigh is 50 or
50 1/2. 10 Sacks weighed together will weigh 504 or
in about that line I think if he does the fair thing
he will dedecut 100 lb on the lot or 1 lb on Each
sack. The hams go rather slow but we will soon
go at them as soon as the Casks are out of the way
Flour is selling at 6. I have have had to buy some
to day [today] if you buy any buy onley [only] good. The butter
is being delivered from the harbor to day [today] I have
not paid the fraight [freight] yet open it and will let it

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