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Dear Brother

John N. Ryerson

With fear and trembling I comence [commence]
writing you to day [today] as I have to inform you that I mised [missed]
the senator yesterday and as I was anxious not to
disappoint you in a sentence I was induced to send it
down by the Clerk of the Confidence and I hope you
have recd [received] it as it was quite an amount it was $1160.
and the day before was 1200, and to day [today] I send you all
I have on hand and you will plas [please] pay Mr Doolittle
five hundred and thirteen dollar as Sam has handed
me that amount for him thier [there] will be some more
cash cuming [coming] to him but I can arrange that to his satisfaction,
our barley is all most [almost] gon [gone] and the 90 Sacks
that is cuming [coming] will not last long at 8 1/2 & 8 3/4 the
Potato trade is fare but thier [there] is quite a good meney [many]
in the market and it is supplied but we have our
custemors [customers] and can sell along with the rest of them
I allso [also] sent a letter that was directed to Mr Doolittle to you
and I marked on it that you must call at the Confidence
and the Express man said he wold [would] deliver it to you he put
your name upon it and I told the Clerk you wold [would] call in
person for the pacage [package] I hope it has all turned
well but I felt after it had started that I wold [would]
rather I had disappointed you. Enquire of Hunters friends
if thier [there] is aney [any] preset property of his doe [due] what you can
for his intrast [interest] as we now onley [only] act for My Dear Sister that

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