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sustained a greate [great] loss in loosing hir [her] husband but I think
Brother John has don [done] well in seteling [settling] up the buisiness [business]
as he has don [done] so soon for the balence [balance] of thier [their] buisiness [business]
will not be like the first of it. I think it will be
well to secure some of the saftey [safety] fuse as it will be
scarce and high. Clark says you can get some on
Montgomery st betwin [between] Washington & Jackson upper side at
the store marked licenced to sell Pouder. [powder] at 6 1/4 cents and
a few good mackerel in 1/2 & 1/4 bbls [barrels] will do I will
send a small memorandum, the amt [amount] I send
you to day [today] is in all 1600. pay Mr D
his money as soon as you sea [see] him. Nothing more
at present but remain your [yours] truley [truly] Ever

Peter J Brown

The specimen lump we took at 8.03 and it weigh 8 1/4 I weigh it
with the rest. Thier [there] is no letters for you but I have
one – from Delia which I send you
but tac [take] care of it –

$400. is in coin the rest dust


P.S. it was Coin that I recd [received] from Sam, mostley [mostly]
so Mr D nead [need] not think you ar [are] doing him by paying
him coin.

I think it is advisable to send home 1000 this
steamer to the orange County bank and a draft will
be the best way of sending I think but do as you think
best in the matter,

Yours Ever

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