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The City Mar [March] 4 1851

Broth [Brother] J. N. R

as the regular steamer is not in
I send by the Clay and hope it will be
allright [alright] I send you what I have on
hand which is 72 1/2 oz making 1160 Dolz [Dollars]
I send a small memorandum you did not
leave the a/c [account] of goods that came up or send
any and we have need a lot of Potatoes that
I did not know of this came up on sunday in
when you did you did not speak of them and
I wondered at if all is well and trade is
fare. Colect [collect] the till from old Welten if you
can get aney thing [anything] from him that we can
make in with more at present

Your ever
Peter J. Brown

36 Sacks Potatoes yesterday came
to him

Call on the Clerk of the Clay
for your package

P. J. B

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