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Dear Broth [Brother] G. M. R.

I rec'd [received] yours this morning all right
and we recd [received] the sweet Potatas [potatoes] they were rather hard stock but
we let them slide as trade is good and thir [there] is a Demand
the nuts begin to moove [move] our Island potatas [potatoes] are mostly gon [gone] we
can get them hear [here] at 5 1/4 I think from Charley. I sent you
the remitence [remittance] yesterday by the H. T. Clay I supose [suppose] it came to
hand and to day [today] I send you what I have in hand which
is 1945 I think without the bags look out for No 1 and I
will nothing new or particular. send us a few more tins
of soda crackers 12 lb Cans and if you can get good Sweet potatas [potatoes]
to earn less then 7 1/4 they will do Nothing more at present
I sent my letter yesterday by Sprague send on the oysters
and a few more raisins and a few more Chile beans Chicken
Sardines, Pickles in small Kegs. More bottled ale will go as we have sold
this to day [today] look over yesterdays [yesterday's] Memorandum

Ale & Porter same as last or in
cases would be better

Yours truley [truly]

Peter J. Brown

Sac City Sacramento City Mar [March] 5, 1851

Pilet Bread

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