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Sac City Sacramento City Mar 6, 18??

Dr [Dear] Brother J. N. Ryerson

As the Goliah hasnot yet made his
appearance we are without your Comunication
yesterday and I have to remit my dust & letters [to]
the H. T. Clay as I did day before yesterday things are
as usial [usual] with us trade is fair but not as good a [as]
yesterday I sent you memorandum yesterday our
barley is all gon [gone] we sell it at 8 1/4 if you can get
any that will make money at 8 it will do as
their [there] is a call, the corn goes slow, thier [there] is nothing
that I can think of that we want but what you
know of without is is a few more good hams [in]
finer carves if you can get them so, the nuts begin
to go out of the way they are more than half gon [gone], the
Eagle has Comenced [commenced] to deliver and I have Engaged
voyage on the brig Cresent at about 1.00 per Cask per [m?]
it looks in fine order I send you today what I have
on hand which is onley [only] $1022 as I have paid my rent
today and yesterday I sent you 1944 I think you

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