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S.Sk. 1.
Ps. 14:1. [double-underlined]

Sabbath School [underlined]

Jan. 28:1849.

"The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God;"

Define the meaning of "fool" in the ordinary acceptance.
Define the meaning of "fool" in the Bible acceptance.
Who are they that are guilty of indulging in this folly?
(a) The avowed Atheist. Having no God & no immortality.

(b) The Deist. Who makes God only abstract and impersonal.

(c) The Rationalist. Who worships his own intellect & philosophy.

(d) The vicious. Who set Him & his laws at defiance.

(e) The Neglecters of God's laws & commands. The believers in "do-nothing."

(f) The Rejecters of G. and his gospel. Who admitting claims -
still neglect to comply with them & put them off.

1 Should remember - "Thou God seeest [seest] me."

2 Should act under an abiding impression of the
personality, presence, & power of God in his glory.

3 Strive to keep before us a vivid, burning, recognition of all this.

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