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S.Sk. 2.
Ps. 47:2 - [double-underlined]

Sab. School

Feb. 11:1849.

"He is a great king in all the Earth."

In these timies much is said & written of human privileges,
rights, and duties. The wants & rights of humanity recieve [receive] a
generous care. All this is well. But

God has rights more venerable & sacred than these.
1. [right justified:] He deserves respect for
(a) The Eternity of his existence. (b) The amount of his being.
(c)The wondrous works he has wrought.
2. [right justified:] He deserves obedience for
(a) The ability of giving [JC?] the best [illegible] laws. (b) The willingness to
do so. (c) Having take the king of [man's?] gov't [government].

3. God, therefore, has rights [underlined] (a) of Proprietorship in all things, in
all brings. He formed them of this own discretion - for his own pleasure.
(b) of Government - since he only is fitted to reign in glory, as
sovereign over all worlds - the Ruler of all rational & moral
(c) of Office. Regard & worship, as the most excell., lovely admirable,
resplendent, & glorious object of love in the universe.

1 Sh'd [Should] be careful how we speak the name of God. Parents those we respect.
2 Sh'd [Should] be careful how we treat sacred things. Treat friends.
3 Sh'd [Should] be careful about the state of our hearts - feelings, acts, &c [et cetera], -

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