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S.Sk. 3.
Prov. 20:29- [double-underlined]

Feb. 25: 1849

"The glory of young men is their strength". [swirly underline]

The great problems of Existence have been the study of the noblest
minds. They greatly interest all young men-- should be deeply
pondered by them. [tab] Persons of your age are justly thought
the most important class of society. [tab] The primary [underlined] thought of the
Text is of muscular strength &c. -- But we may take it in a wider sense.
1 [double-underlined] The glory of such consists in their strength of Position [underlined].
(a) Interest [underlined]: he feels - felt in him. (b) Affection [underlined]; heart full of feeling ; not yet calloused, nor hard.
(c) Hope [underlined]: world all before him - not soured by disap[t]- [illegible] buoyed up- springs elastic.
(d) Confidence [underlined]; in his fellows - in man; in society; in power of success in the
goodness that appears [underlined]-- Has never seen the world's depravity.
(e) Power of Endurance [underlined]: Can withstand, bear, suffer. Feels that there is force[?] within
says ever -- "Oh faith[?] not so."
2 [double-underlined] It Consists in their Force of Rt. Mor. Character. (a) Firmness [underlined]. Knowing
and doing the right, true, &c. Not blustering- but ever on hand where required.
(b) Self-Reliance [underlined]. Making most of one's self- most of one's powers - his own way in the world.
Determination to be somebody. (c) Virtuous Principle [underlined]. Steady resistance of wrong-taking
all cheerfully. Looking on the heavenly side of all that comes up. Remembering what
temptation is for- slid[?] by principle - not desire.
(d) Faith in God and goodness [underlined]. Sure God is true, faithful, good. God will clear
himself. Good will prevail at last. The right & just must triumph,--
1. What young man, then, will not consider what he is?
2. Who of us will not remember what he may & ought to be?
3.Who will not bear in mind the worlds of one of our own poets? "Tell me not"

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