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Strawberry Valley Yula [Yuba] Co [County], Cal [California], Mar [March] 29th 1857

My Dear Aunt,

After looking a long long time in
vain a few weeks since a letter came from Aunt Calista
Oh! it did me so much good to hear from her and
learn the welfare & prosperity of the greater part of
the friends – Letters are precious treasures to me. I
know you cannot realize my feelings although you
may imagine what they must be. Situated as I am
far far, from every familiar face save one – in a
strange land so different from Home, & surrounded
by scenes which I am perfectly unused to – I watch
with eagerness the arrival of each Atlantic Steamer &
not infrequently learn with a heavy heart that it
bore no tidings for me. April 26th

Again I attempt to write Aug 15th 1857 as I
was interrupted alimost [almost] as soon as I began
& this has of necessity remained unfinished
until now – I will go back to last winter
& give you a Sketch of my doings up to this time

[Following writing goes around the edge of the paper]
Dear Aunt if we ever live to return I think we shall
visit you ere, we
go on West
I love Cheese
as well as ever
but seldom get
any good here.
Have one or two
ready by the time
we drop in. I
don't know as
one would
do me for a
meal – unless
it was a Monster

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