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Some Indians had a dispute as to which had
the best right to her. Several were killed & wounded
The battle was fought a few miles below us – A day
or two after one party was here – some of them dressed
in mourning having lost friends in the Battle
Their Mourning Garb consists in sticking or daubing
Pitch over their Heads & part of their faces – Sticking
their hair fast to their heads in a solid mot – In
this fix they are awful looking creatures – for at best
they are ill looking objects – They wear more clothing
than when we first came here – but their pappooses wear
little after they are taken from the board which they
are straped [strapped] to for several years – The Indians are
harvesting – Gathering Pine Nuts Grasshoppers &c [etc.], Had
a dance a few nights since at their "Campoda" – a
time of rejoicing – The ladies in our place were
frightened – thinking they might be having a War –
dance – preparatory to Scalping us – but I guess
there is no danger they dare not attempt it.

Have not heard from home in some time I recd [received]
a letter from Cousin Julia Ann Which I shall answer
as soon as possible Do you know whether
Robt Crassman Robert Crassman lives in Ohio yet? Does Mr Parker
live on Pond Hill or have they moved? – Aug 31st
My health is some what improved since Aug 25th
& tomorrow I am going to ride out to our Diggings
My Husband thinks of mining this winter – Has
decided to move as soon as possible – Thinks of selling
our Place here. Our Post Office Address will remain
"Strawberry Valley Yuba Co [County] Cal [California]" – I hope we shall
not have as severe a winter as last I dread the
winters in these Mountains – but we are willing
to get along & put up with hardship & inconveniences
in the hopes of making enough to go back sooner
Now Aunt I must close – Give a great deal of Love
to All the friends for Josephine & Hiram Says –
remember me to Aunt Calista & family – I do wish
Cousin Oscar would write to me – Do write
as soon as convenient I hope I shall not be so long
in getting a reply ready again – at least for the same
reason (Sickness) – We have had a little Shower since the
dry season set in but have not had enough to settle the dust
which is very deep –

Josephine J. Crawford

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