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wagon boxes.

We saw lakes or ponds dried up, leaving a coating of salaratus [saleratus]
like snow from one-half to an inch in depth. We took some with us to
use in making slapjacks. I made bread with it right along.

Where we crossed South Platte, Jonathan killed an antelope, the
first fresh meat we had, having lived on slapjacks, bacon and coffee.
Where we camped on North Platte before crossing, another company camped
above and a big buffalo came to cross. The water was high and the men
concealed themselves and shot at him. Above one hundred shots were
fired at him. He ran out on the plain toward the bluff, then turned
and came back near our camp. All had shot, but my pistol failed to
go off. When he passed close to me, several offered me pistols and
rifles and I followed him up, but by the time I got ready to shoot he
fell to his knees and I wouldn't shoot him then. Soon he tumbled over

We stopped to camp one night on a little stream called Cajax.
Jack Pellum had to stand guard the latter part of the night and he was
very cowardly. He thought there were Indians around. He came in and
hung around the fire where we were and the mules and horses strayed off.
Next morning when I got up they were gone. I went up a little mountain
and looked down the valley. About three miles I saw them. I went
down and brought them back. While I was after them there was a flock
of wild geese lit in the creek close to where they were. After we
got packed up and ready to start, Jonathan and I took shot guns [shotguns] and
went after them. We got three.

The company went on and it was hurrying us to catch up, for we

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