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expected their harvest in, in about two weeks. I didn't keep the date,
but I think it was along in July. On the third of July before we got
there, there had been a heavy frost. John went to hear Brigham Young
preach. He told of some one [someone] who went to hell "cross lots." The mormons
give one-tenth to the Church. I attended meeting during the week.
When in Salt Lake City we camped on the Jordan. When we left, – we
were about nine miles from the lake, – and we saw plenty of salt, which
they would break in chunks and haul in by the wagon load. We were not
right at the lake, but could see it.

The water from the mountains ran down each side of the streets and
each one had the privilege of using the water at certain hours for the

After leaving Salt Lake City, Bear river [River] was the next stream to
cross. We had to swim the horses across. We saw a drowned horse
which some emigrant had lost when trying to cross. This river was very

We came to a little stream about twenty feet wide and deep, with
a steep bank down. Here one of us would get on a mule and take a pack
across on his shoulder, then go back for another.

Jack Bellum had traded a Chahuhn [Chauhan] pony for a mule. The mule had
given out, but was recruited a little. The mule had gotten everything
over except Jack, and he was afraid. The mule was very stubborn and
slid down the steep bank and went to drinking, throwing Jack over his
head into the water. His pistol slipped out and he paid John fifty
cents to get it. Then all decided to go in swimming, Jack among the

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