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We struck Humboldt river [River] and went down it to the Sink, where it
comes to the sandy desert and is spent. Before we got to Humboldt Sink
we passed Thousand Spring Valley, where there were thousands of springs,
some cold, some hot. We came to one place where there was a marshy
pond covered with moss. About six inches under the moss we could chop
out large nice pieces of ice.

During this time I lost one-half pound a day in weight and Jonathan
had a spell of mountain fever and was very bad for two days. He lay on
his mule as we traveled. There were ponds and lakes with rushes, some
of which grew nine feet high.

John and I stopped to hunt one of the mules and thus got separated
from the company, as they went on to find grass and we expected to overtake
them when they stopped to rest.

John took a mule called Jack and went to hunt the lost mule. I
found the mule, but John hunted until evening. By this time they had
almost a day's start of us. There was sage brush here and there.

We were near the Sink of the Humboldt river [River] and the bank was so
steep we could not get the mules down to water, so we carried water in
our hats up to them. We went on way into the night, then stopped
where there was a little grass and picketed the mules and slept till
morning. We had had nothing to eat since the morning before, but went
on. We could not find the others in the company. There were many
people scattered around to rest. We went around among those fellows,
but could not buy anything to eat, as they were all scarce of provisions.
We had about four dollars and fifty cents, but they gave us something to

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