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might be worth a great deal when he got thru. He got ahead of us,
but after a while we caught eight of him motioning to us. When we got
up to him, he asked if we had any arms. I said "Yes, I have two." He
said he meant had we any guns or pistols, I told him I had an old pistol
and asked him what he wanted with it. He said he saw an Indian. We
went on and saw no more Indians.

When we got down to where Bear River runs into Sacramento Valley
there was good grass and we stopped to let our mules rest and eat grass
about twelve o'clock (noon). About three o'clock Charley Miller and
the two Michigan men came in. We were that much ahead of them. They
stopped a short distance from us. I went over and told Charley that
we were out of money and out of provision and I wanted to borrow a
little money till we could get thru to Sacramento. He said he was
about as bad off as we were, but he had a half dollar and some beans.
He said for me to take the half dollar and go up to the little trading
post (one store) and buy all the beef I could with it and we would boil
the beef and beans together and we would eat and rest till evening.
The money bought a pound of beef.

It was about fifty or fifty-five miles to Sacramento City. We
started in the evening and got thru to Sutter's Fort, about two and one-
half miles out of Sacramento, next day about ten o'clock. Miller
thought he would meet some of his St. Louis friends, Chickens, he called
them, and we would get all we wanted.

John and I watched the animals at Sutter's Fort, while the rest of

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