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them walked down to Sacramento. Miller sent word back by the old fellow
who had the crackers and the big bay mare, to come on down, that
he had met his friends and to leave his mules at the Fort on the grass.

When we got down near the river there were hundreds of tents all
over where the City of Sacramento now stands.

I looked after the mules while John went down toward the river to
see what we could do. He came back in about a half hour and said he
had hired out for us two at ten dollars a piece a day and board and to
come down and get our dinner and go to work.

There were two men who were keeping a store in a tent and they
wanted to put up a frame building and cover it with canvas for a store
building. The work we were wanted for was to saw off blocks to use
for a foundation for the corners, and to carry lumber to the carpenters.
We worked till evening. That was the fourth building put up in Sacramento
City. These men wanted a well dug, and John and I dug the first
well in the City. We had the choice of doing the work at ten dollars
a day each, or taking it by the job at three dollars a foot. We took
it by the job and in just two and a half days we had made sixty dollars

Three days after we arrived at Sacramento the other boys came in
on the Carson river road. We had gained that much time on them. We
were on the way 83 days from the time we left St. Joe, Mo. St. Joseph, Missouri. We were
very glad to meet. They had had hard luck too. There were four of
them and their mules had given out on the desert and they had had to

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