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Joseph A. Benton Journal



1. What is conscience? Your own mind acting a particular way. Your own thoughts [and] feelings at work. Soul calling itself up to be examined. Asks questions [and] demands answers. Then it praises or blames according to the good or bad it finds. 2. Where does it come from? God made it in you it is part of yourselves. Ruling [?] in your hearts. It is your emotions, God's virtue[?]. The reading [?] in learn makes up the record of its proceedings, [and] keeps then for a final review hereafter. SSuppose a muff..[?] figure to knock at your door every night asking what you have thought [and] done that day- would you not learn to respect and prepare to answer him? He would come from some region outside of your bounds [?]. But cause loves in yourselves - has a home [and] you can't thrust it away - goes with you everywhere. 3. What is it for? For your good. To correct your faults [and] praise your virtues. Some people think it is very troublesome companion. This to, where they are in the habit of wrong-doing. And it means to be so. It follows then with whip in hand, lashes then at every opportunity. Your wrongdoings are afraid of it. It is the sweetest and more

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