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Feb the 11 1849

Dear Cousen [Cousin]

Do not think I have forgoten [forgotten] you by my not writing
to you before let me asure [assure] you I have not or ever will
I did not Return to the Springs as soon as I expected I staid [stayed]
to Sandy Hill until the 20 of January I was afflicted with
the tooth ache for it long time I injoyed [enjoyed] myself quit [quite] well
and Should if I could have had your letter but Believe me
Dear Cousen [Cousin] I delayed no time when I got here to go to the
offace [office] and was very happy to find A letter from you with
A Joyfull [Joyful] heart I broke the Seal and was happy to hear that
you was in good health for with out [without] it we are poor mortals
for good health and good companey [company] makes this life very
agreeable for my part I am verry [very] fond of both and If I could
have the company of my friends I should be very glad but
as I can not it is A great pleasure to think that though we we
are far A part [apart] yet we can converse with eithe each other
with the pen it is A pleasure for me to write to one that I
esteem as Dear as I do you but I should be happyer [happier] to See
you but Alas I can not so I must content myself by writing to
you and hope if we live we Shall See each other before long
for I can truly say I injoyed [enjoyed] usayr your company much
when in Old Dutchess Dear Cos I comenced [commenced] this the 11 and now
it is the 14 and I try to finish it do excuse me for I have
for I have bin [been] quit [quite] bisey [busy] to worke [work] and that is not all
I have made A Bargesia [bargain] to go to California with
A young man in the next ship that sails I thought
best to let you Know I think I shall not go & with
out [without] Cousin first calling for you so I will bring A
Lady for you the more the merryer [merrier] we will be

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many words written phonetically.

California State Library

Thank you for your help transcribing these letters. Words maybe written phonetically or in some cases that was the way things were spelt during that time. If you know for sure what the word is supposed to be, you can place the correct word in [brackets] after the misspelling.