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She is first best her eyes is blue and bright her hair
is the coler color of yours I think and she will
do well A diging [digging] Gold Charly and I will help if the
lump is to [too] heavy for you to manage do not go off now A
lone [lone] but it is time for me to go to bed for sleep is A
getting in my eyes so I will winde [wind] up is my yard

O Stue Cousen [Cousin] I mean do you not wish we was
to Mr Wesleys [Wesley's] to night [tonight] then you could hold the
Ball and Brake the yard to it can not be you have
forgoten [forgotten] that evening we spent there on the last events
we was together to Mrs Smith O That was the last
but the parting Kiss is warm on my cheeke [cheek] yet is it
not on yours [your's] but I hope we will all meet there A
ag ag gain [again] for Aunt Polly must have some more greeting
gain for I can train and quite to as for your geting [getting]
Married it is time enophe [enough] yet Do not be in A hurry
but take your time I Shall for the chaff must go
before the wheat and you are young yet so take
the world easey [easy] n on that part hunt for Deer not
for coon good night do write Soon for I want to
hear from you and I will answer it Sooner the for
I Shall visit Postffice [Post office] often for we can write if we can
not See each other all the friends is well do write I
Remain your Sincere and ever affectnate [affectionate] cousen [cousin]

Susan Robertson
Stephen M Whitney

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