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(2) [centered]

Text teaches that G. [God] does not
wish any one of us to perish in
sin – jus truly desires all of us
to come to repentance.

I What is a desire –? Same in
1. man as in God – in its prop. [proper] nat. [nature] – get
our notion of Deity from selves. Being of Emotions.
2. A going forth of t. [the] mind after some good.
3. Distinguish twixt voluntary & involuntary.
4. Gods [God's] desire for t. [the] repentance of all is an invol. [involved]
desire – no detering to gratify is wholly.

II Does God have any desires wh. [which] he
cannot consis'tly [consistently], & does not gratify?

Yes!! Mor. [Moral] Being – has made choices –
& therefore – one desire in each case was ungrat-
-ified. God wished no sin – but it came.
God wished to relieve C. [Christ] – but did not.

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