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(4) [centered]

Physician leg. &c. [etc.] – Absol [Absolutely] nec. [necessary] to
t. [the] greatest good.

4. Other things, not desirable "herse" – are pur-
-posed bec. [because] they are unavoidably conneted [connected]
with that wh. [which] is nec. [necessary] to something desired –.

I wish to visit London – go by walk –
Sea-sick – lead thing – lest I prefer suf-
-fering it natine than not going.

On this prime. G. [God] purposed the existence
of sin – not desiring at all – but only co
incidental to what he did wish = the hap. [happiness]
of the creatures he might form.

Illus. [Illustrate] Father, saved chiln [children] – sends to
school. – Knows one will do ill – disgrace
himself, parents &c. & turn out a base fellow.
Shall he: . [therefore] refuse to send any of them to
school? Shall he keep all in ignorance
& vel ruin all? Shall he do best
he can?

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