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(5) [centered]

IV Purposes of God then will all
be fulfilled – every plan he has
entered on will carried out just
as he expected it would be –
but all the desires of God are not
realized – nor ever can be; – and even
some things are realized contrary to
his wishes – & against all his en-
-treaties. God then foreknows – if you
please, purposes sin – not bec. [because] he
desires it – not bec. [because] it will result in good,
for it is only evil – but bec. [because] it is not
poss. [possible] for Him to prevent it in such
a mor. [moral] system, consistently.

He wishes no one to sin – necessitates no
one to sin – warns, forbids, not to sin

— — — — — — — — — — — —

And now that men have sinned – he
desires the repentance &c [etc.] of all – & will
secure it if poss. [possible] to him.

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