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(6) [centered]

V But why are not all God's wishes

1. realized? Bec. [Because] the gratific. [gratification] of them
sometimes depends not solely on his will
– or if it did, would involve palp-
-able inconsistencies.

2. To secure the holiness of a moral
being, something depends on the creature = his
own free choice. To prevent sin – the
creature must decide against it as well
as God. If creature thwarts Gs. [God's] wishes
as he may – then t. [the] fault is not God's.

3. But is not G. [God] Omnipotent?
Can he not save all if he wishes?

Non sequitur. Omnip. [Omnipotent] doesn't lead to
repentance. Distinguish nat. & mor Evil
physic & moral however or influence – –.

O. [Omnipotent] power to do all poss. [possible] things –.

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Kortney Marie

Lines 11-12: Possible transcription: If creature warts his wishes as he may- than the fault is not Gods.

California State Library

Thank you for your help transcribing this collection. It never hurts to input your first impression of what is written down, we always read/edit the transcripts to see if we can clear up any possible questions.