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(7) [centered]

(b) Is this change Instantaneous?

In general it is –. The change of
his will is t. [the] nucleus of the whole –
this new choice is instantaneous.

(State modifications – the analyt-
-ical acts &c. [etc.]) –

This is t. [the] begin. [beginning] – sudden begin. [beginning]
of t. [the] new life – – Sanctification
is the progress of the same, after.

(c) Is it entire? All things are
new – new character – new affect
new hopes &c. [etc.] Choice covers whole
mor. [moral] char. [character] – weak choice –
may be in diff. [different] degrees. Some no-
tice at first then others. Sin in Spef. [specific]
ac. [action] may come – as benev. [benevolence] in miser ~

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