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(5) [centered]

3. How costly is this love.
Man's sin forced on the nec. [necessity]
of some sacrifice – of man, or
something in his stead ~

This was recognised in olden time.
A cost of creature hap. [happiness], or God's

C. [Christ] was willing it should at the cost
of his own hap. [happiness], that creatures not

Cost forbearance – patience,
long-suffering in God.

Cost a a painful & special dis-
-pensation of old –

Cost Christ his humiliation –
toil – sorrow – watching – reproach –
shame – continuely [continually] – forsaking.

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It took a while to work it out, but I think, in lines 7 and 9, the writer abbreviated the word, "happiness", as "hap".

California State Library

Thank you for your help transcribing these sermons. The writer does often abbreviate words which you would not expect and I believe in this case that you are correct that hap. is actually happiness.