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(7) [centered]

4 Is perf. [perfect] holiness absol. [absolutely] att-
-ainable in this life –. I reply
it is in nat. [nature] of things possible.
God does not demand impossibilities.

# Do in fact any attain?
Can not tell. G. [God] only knows.
Sort of perfec. [perfection] some do attain.
But tho. [though] not consc. [conscious] of sin – they
may omit many duties still.

All m't [might not] attain more should – &
are to blame for not doing it

Objec. [Objective] No motive – without certainty.
False – Painter, Poet, Preacher &c. [etc.]
Holier we are more we shall desire to be –
Shall press on.

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I don't think the first word in line 18 is "false". I think it is another of his abbreviated words, but I can't make it out.

California State Library

Thank you for your help with the transcribing. I actually do think the word is "false", his uppercase F's are very unique.