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[upper left corner]
(No. 24.)
Effects Ref. [reference]

[upper right corner]
(June 11.)

Romans 3:24 [centered]
"Being justified freely by his grace,
thro. [through] the Redemption that is in C. [Christ] Jesus."
Have dwelt – of late – on the nature
& means of the change called Regener-
-ation – Conversion – &c [etc.]. ~

Shall now consider some
of things effected by this change
of character.

One is – as in t. [the] text – to bring
into a State of Justification.

Having been aliens – rebels – condemned
transgressors – the penalty of violated
law not removed from over us but only
Suspended – now, by our

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May I make the observation that, in the last word of line 25, the writer did not misspell the last word, "violated", but actually wrote it correctly in his very poor handwriting style.

California State Library

Thank you for your help transcribing this collection. We will be double-checking all the transcriptions for possible errors - thank you for catching "violated".