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(No. 25.)

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June 11 eve
Feb, 17 1861.

PS. [Psalm] 36:2 [centered]

"For he flattereth himself in his own
eye untill [until] his iniquity be found to
be hateful"

Folly – cunning – self flattery –
these occupy the mass of men.

Some love to be cheated others love to cheat.

The craftiest are sometimes greatest fools.

Robs neighbor's money – loses innocency.

Takes his char [character] – destroys his own.

Disturbs his rest – vexes consc. [conscience].

Throws into prison – self into misery.

Makes pov. [poverty] his brothers portion – Despair his own.

Man is vain – yea helpless – yea miserable
in himself.

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