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6 [centered]

Pray & repent yet do the
same again.

It is easier (St Ambrose) to find an inno-
-cent man than one that has truly repented
him, with a grief & a care. [careful] acc [account] to t. [the] merit
of his sin.

Lost again – kisses the fire
and dies in its embrace.

Are less & less able to command.

Iniquity appears hateful – .

3 When it tightens its bands –
4 " " [When it] chains his powers &c [etc.].
1 " " [When it] ruins health – property.
2 " " [When it] makes a wreck of mind.
5 " " [When it] the time of judgment comes.
6 " " [When it] the time of death opposes.
7 " " [When it] the future opens up –

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