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(7) [centered]

Self love is t. [the] serp's [serpent's] milk that feeds viper
flattery – Do well to choke with the same.
Love ourselves more we sh'dn't [shouldn't] endure to
be flattered. – He that bec. [because] loves self, loves to
b. [be] flattered, does – bec. [because] he loves self – loves to
entertain a man to abuse, mock, & finall [finally] de-
-stroy him. But he that loves self truly
will suff [suffer] fire – endure to be burnt – so he may
be purified –; put to pain so he may be re-
-stored to health – for (said Enemies) of all sour
-ces – sharpness, severity, fire are t. [the] best.

Neither love selves well – nor know our own
case – are partial – deceived – careless of witness,
& t. [the] most false & perfidious creatures to selves
in t. [the] world.

[written in ink]
There is a revision for all conduct good
& bad – there must be a hereafter for it.
Immediate results are small in the comparison.

[written in ink, upside down, on bottom edge]
"A Hateful Servant"!

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