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(3)a (2)a [centered]

"Natural inclination is the first tempt-
er – the compliance – then custom –
and this, helped by a consequent folly,
dismantles the soul, making it to hate
God, to despise religion, to laugh at
severity, to deride sober counsels, to
flee from repentance, to resolve a-
-gainst it, to delight in sin without
abatement of spirit. For its intoler-
-able thing for one to be tormented
in consc. [conscience], for every sin he acts;
that must not be; he must
have his sin & his peace too,
on or else he can have neither
long; theirfore [therefore] he makes an at-
-ficial [artificial] peace by studied flatteries,
false propositions, by carelessness,
by stupidity, & by the suffer-
ance & habit of evil"

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