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[Imprint: American YMCA Soldiers Mail] [Postmark: US Military Postal ?? Service 21 A?? ????]

[? illegible] Sgt. 2nd Bn. 117 Engrs A.E.F.

To: Miss Mildred Neher 402 East 1st St, Long Beach, Calif. U.S.A.

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Letterhead: AMERICAN Y.M.C.A.


August 15, 1917

Dear Mildred: -

No, I'm not peeved. How could I be. Just neglected to write a line or two to a "bon ami" (not meant for the scouring stuff sold at the stores). I really think you are rather brief in your writing. But I feel pretty free to write because "Looie" is in gay Paree se soir and he won't know I have written - ha! ha!

Thank you very much for the card Mrs. Neher. because I don't think M. deserves to be thanked for what she wrote. Of course, if I wasn't sure it was alright I would-

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write such harsh words.

I guess tonight I must have a streak like the one I had the night you and I ate the ice cream and then toped it off with a tamale. Oh! my, and Mildred thot she might die, too! Se trist!

I am certainly glad to hear that you are at the beach. You ought to be happy now. Glad you have a good job. Hope your Grandparents are well and give them my Bon jours. -

It is getting so dark I can't see so I must close. Excuse the scrawl for I haven't much to write on.

Bon sante et l'espere pour votre letre.

As ever


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Pvt. L.J. Ashby Co. "F" 117 Reg. Engrs.

Miss Mildred Neher 316 Ave. 64th Garvanza Los Angeles, Calif U.S.A.

Stamped: A.E.F. Passed as Censored

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Mar. 5, 1918 "Somewhere in France"

Dearest Mildred,

I know you have been wondering why I haven't written. No, dear, I didn't forget you. A heavy beam was dropped on my right foot and broke my right foot. While in the hospital I contracted scarlet fever and they wouldn't allow me to write. I was in the hospital over a month. I am back with the company now and I am feeling fine.

We are now wearing steel helmets and carry a French and English gas mask. We also

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