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than manual labor and I
think the arrangement I
suggest will cause less envy
on the part of the waiters, etc

I would want you as soon as
you can come. I go up June
3d, same train as last year.

I may want your friend
but can't tell yet.
I feel inclined to give old
boys first chance.

I will send you some booklets
next week. This is written
in haste at Pacific Grove.

Well let me hear from you.
You never seemed bashful so
I am likely to know what
you think. I may add that
I want you to come as I
like you very much in spite of the
many times you have called me
down! So be good.

Very truly yours
W K Fisher

[Written in margin] Please give my regards to your father. Glad you approve of the Campfire.
P. S. Never have any friends unless they are "noble and true"

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