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is pleased with both you & Bull it
is nice to know it, and a satisfaction
to feel it. Is it not? old boy! I am
very glad your ankle is better & that
you are having a nice time. I hope
you are none the worse for the wetting.
you pulled you out? or was it not
deep water?

Those clubs sound interesting – I
wonder what you do with them?

Please also tell Mr & Misses Louchard
(It is a French name dear – you did not spell
it right) that we want to be remembered
and to Laura Curry & her Mother &
sister. Are there many people there
now? Mr. Arthur Brown & Merrill are
still at the Lake & will be for 10 days tell
Wiliford that, he will be glad he did not come
back to go yachting on the 21st for they
won't be home themselves to go. I will try
to enclose some stamps but can't you buy
some when you run out? Remember Les will
be 21 years old on Tuesday. We are all well.
I saw Mrs. Lyon today & she looked very well.
We all send you a great deal of love.

Your loving Mother

R. H Bates

[on left margin:]
Nor has lost 30 pounds & is suffering dreadfully from the heat.

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