3 - Julian Bond - draft #2

Thus, from the time "Founding" Fathers
there has been rejection of the rebellion against
White Providence by non-white people here.

That rebellion has been violent, bloody, as were
the rebellions of Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner and the Civil War. That Rebellion
has been non-violent and rhetorical, employing the petition, the
march, the ballot, the courts, and civil disobedience.
As we approach the '70's, the Rebellion has returned to violence
and to blood.

The experience of Rebellion was shared by Red as well as
Black men. And they too no doubt debated interminably
over tactics.

"Are we not being stripped, day be day, of the little
that remains of our ancient liberty?" challenged Tecumseh, a Shawnee
"Do they not even now kick and strike us as they do their
blackfaces? How long will it be before they tie us to a
post and whip us and make us work in a cornfield as they do
them? Shall we wait for that moment or shall we die fighting

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