5 - Julian Bond - draft 2

That means, of course, a life supported by a family income that
barely reachesat the poverty level. It means lives in
which education and jobs are guaranteed. It means lives in
which policement are compassionate public servants, in which
storekeepers are not avaricious, in which politicians at least
attempt honesty. It means that, first, each of these groups -
the "colored" minorities in American - must begin to re-assess
theirown positions in relation to the aquisition of power and their ability, singly
or collectively, to [illegible] power
from its [illegible]. It is only power that those with power edal. Those without
power they bury.

It will take for each group the recognition that not merely
evil men but, as importantly an evil system must be dealt with. It is the American Dream "the system" that
rumbles, beastlike, over their every aspiration.

Representative democracy, has simply not worked for them.

We have won some victories. We have won free
access to restaurants, specializing in expensive steak dinners.
But we are a people who, for the most part, have hot dog
pocket change.

The system concedes to us a seat
in the front of the bus, too often on a

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Allie Armengol

Should this document be transcribed with his original typing, as it is a draft, or should it be transcribed with the corrections in place?

Allie Armengol

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