6 - Julian Bond - draft 2

The trip from the feudal South to the
mechanized poverty of the North.

We have the right to vote for candidates. And now in 1968, the white president of the United States, Richard Nixon, a man whose social conscience bogied away on a county club golf course leaving his black caddy and all minority America. This includes the poor white people. He was not the favorite of hundreds of thousands
of the colored people or of others whose social consience
still operates.

Fifteen years after the Warren Court declared segregation in the public schools illegal, Mr. Nixon provides White Providence
further grace. He speaks of law and order but protects the old order.

Although unemployment and underemployment are among
our most crucial problems, Mr. Nixon provides $14
million in federal contracts to three textile firms in the
Carolinas with proved records of discrimination. They
promise to "do better." Even his own "equal opportunity"
bureaucrats couldn't stomach that one.

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Allie Armengol

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