8 - Julian Bond - draft 2

40,000 lives, is to ingore the effect of all international
complications on American domestic affairs. The problems of
this country's black and brown and red people are tied inex-
tricably to the nation's new imperialism across the globe.

These groups suffer from powerlessness and poverty,
the latter complementing the former. No question of
education, job training, integration of jobs or housing can
be implemented without a correlating grasp of power by the
powerless, so that whatever gains are won can be maintained
and compounded.

What is needed to solve each of these problems in
the first instance is never new law - it is always enforcement
of existing statues.

It has been over fifteen years, for instance, since
the United States Supreme Court, in Brown v. Board of Education,
declared that segreagtion in public schools was illegal.
The next year, Southern schools were ordered to desegregate
with "all deliberate speed." And a decade and a half later
every American city, North, South, East and West, still
maintains a racially segragated school system.

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Brown V. Board of Education of Topeaka: a landmark Supreme Court case that ruled it unconstitutional for schools to be segregated.