9 - Julian Bond - draft 2

Time has demonstrated that cutting off federal funds
has been the single most effective method of enforcing the
Court's ruling, yet a combination of racist Southern federal
judges, a policy of appeasement practiced by Democratic and
Republican administrations and lack of national interest
in this crucial question have conspired to hold the percentage
of integrated black schoolchildren in the South to twenty

Indeed, the Nixon administration has committed the
most bestial sort of political fornication with his political
bedfellows, the new Republicans of the South together they
have instittued court action when other available methods
promised to be too speedy. They have relaxed federal pressure
at the eleventh hour, giving aid and comfort to every segre-
gation-minded school superintendant and school board in the
South, and they haven't the stomach or the backbone to deal
honestly with an issue many black people thought was settled
on May 17, 1954.

The obvious task for the Congress, the President

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President Richard Nixon was 37th president of the United States and was a part of the Republican Party.