10 - Julian Bond - draft 2

and the Departments of Justice and Health, Education and
Welfare is to insist that all deliberate speed has run its
course: to immediately cut off all federal funds to any
school district which practices discrimination, whether that
district is in Chatham Country, Georgia, or Cook County,
Illinois; to insist that existing black principals and school
teachers in interegrated settings retain their seniority and
job level; to resist the use of culturally biased tests to
assign pupils to tracks of grades.

Education alone does not solve problems of poverty
and unemployment for a people with high social visibility.
Something more revolutionary is required.

The Congress could declare that those farmers in
the South and Southwest who for years have been collecting
fedeal welfare payments from the U. S. Department of Agri-
culture have forfeited the right to possess that land. The
land, in turn could be redistributed to the landless - and
frequently jobless - people who work it for starvation wages
while it owners get rich by harnessing their plows to the
federal wagon.

In the South, this type of land reform would mean

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U.S. Departments of Justice and Health, Education and Welfare: a cabinet agency that protects the health of Americans and provides essential services for citizens.
U.S. Department of Agriculture: a cabinet agency that oversee United States agriculture.