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alternate ending:

If, however, the promises are not kept, then no one can hope
that life in American will grow less violent or tense, or that other
Watts and Detroits and Newarks will not occur again, with greater
intensity and greater sophistication. There will be no domestic
tranquiity unless existing law is enforced. Neither capitalism --
of the white or black variety nor free nor private enterprise --
are guaranteed by our Constitution. But the thirteenth, fourteenth
and fifteenth amendments do contain the promise of equal
protection for alo men. LThat promise includes the right to eat, breathe
and live.

White Providence wshould want it no other way.

The underclass of American will struggle to have it
no other way.

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At the end of the first paragraph "alo" should probably be "all." "LThat" should probably be "That."