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When one discusses the black experience in America, which
differs only in degree from the experience of other coloured
peoples here, it is difficult to know where to begin.

An historical analysis of the minority experience is familiar
to everyone of a certain age and a certain degree of literacy;
an economic analysis of the great social cost borne by minority
groups is a familiar litany to most Americans; the pathology
which results from this experience . . . both in persons and in
institutions . . . is equally familiar to any American who
watched Detroit burn or Watts smoulder.

The cause of the dismay, this dispossession, this disruption
and destruction of the lives of millions of non white Americans is
simple: it is that a country founded by white men over 300 years
ago has remained . . . in the eyes of its citizens and rulers . . .
a white country today.

When John Jay wrote of this nation in the Federalist Papers
he said that "Providence has been pleased to give this one connected
country to one united people . . . a people descended from the same
ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion,

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Detroit Burn: An award winning film centered around the Detroit firefighters in 2008
John Jay: An American statesmen and Founding Father who served on many political boards and agency.
Federalist Papers: Consisted of 85 essays written from October 1787 to May 1788 by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison in an urge to ratify the propose United States Constitution